Its raw, its wild
Its explosive , its primal!
Yes – – – its anger

Not smouldering, destructive anger
Not repressed anger – – – conscious anger
Its force terrifying, purifying

Harness it, ride with its fire
as it plummets into old wounds
Wounds from the past
Wounds crying to be freed, aired, expressed

Harness it, ride with its fire, its speed
ploughing like a rivering rash
tearing down with its force, stagnant, stinking,
stale, stuck paradigms

Harness it, ride the back of Mars
as its heat cleanses, purifies
confronts itself

Stay with the flame, the pain
Searing hot!
Own it, observe it, hear it!

Its force the desire from the soul
Its force the impetus to move, act
its force clear, direct – – – hear it!

Harness its power, imploding, exploding, shattering
Ride its flame, its heat, its passion
Harness your courage
Your sword rising skyward
Harness your passion – – – move forward

Hear the sound of your hooves
the earth pounding
the earth churning, turning
Move, act, wake up
Harness your passion

Wake up! Wake up!