“For the cause of dis-ease, look to the spine.”

— Hippocrates

Influenced by the rare meeting of Iyengar yoga and the ancient harmonizing art of Jin Shin Jyutsu, Alignment and the Sacred Core is the result of Zena Cohen’s life’s work, which beginning at the tender age of five has focused on the spinal core.

Over time, she has been enriched and guided by many masters – some near and some afar – with their wisdom and Zena’s passion for healing ultimately culminating in her simple albeit remarkable struggle-free approach to alignment that is deeply relaxing and can jointly awaken one more fully to instinctual intelligence.

With an unembellished focus on Essence, one’s body, emotions, mind, and spirit can merge into wholeness, allowing an innate awareness leading to becoming fully present within this precious body, the gift of which each is called to gratefully inhabit through an increasing constant contact with the Source within.


“I am delighted to announce the release of Alignment and the Sacred Core. A true labor of love in the works for years, the 240-page book, with illustrations by Teresa Lakier, is the result of my living in the richness of life, with many experiences that have been broadened and deepened by my beloved family, treasured friends, and honored mentors—all of whom gave me wonderful opportunities and the space at age 79 to grow and develop into a teacher, writer, and researcher in my own unique way.”

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