“We want to strike the harmony of the spinal cord, with pelvic balance awakening inner core intelligence.”


The truth of yoga, or any authentic spiritual practice, requires that we work as a centering, training at its base from our inner core through our inner body – as is quoted through the guiding inner principals of the Star of Harmony and the Star Manuscript (p. 234-235) – primarily weaving it into our unique destiny and authentic truth.

Mentioned throughout my writing and in my workshops, the inner core in all of us is completely lost and forgotten at this time. Thus, our reactive unconscious way of living is primarily a deviation from the truth at the core of our inner body, the very ground of our being.

Please neither accept nor reject this but observe this in your own inner life and the daily world around you. Any deviation from the center within will simply reinforce any imbalance or disharmony.

Any imbalance, be it mental, emotional or physical, brings neurosis, which entrenches itself in our political, religious or corporate bodies, bringing subtle levels of corruption.

Remember always that the very meaning of the word yoga means union or yoke, yoking or uniting body, mind, spirit and being in constant connection with the Source or infinite intelligence within.

Inner and outer, outer and inner are simply one. As above, so below. As without, so within.

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