Zena Cohen, Author, Poet, Creator, Designer 

Born and raised in South Africa, Zena Cohen immigrated to the United States in 1987, settling for decades in San Diego before moving to High Falls in upstate New York.

Living in the richness of family life, with depth, diversity, and love at the core of it all, Zena’s experiences were broadened and deepened by her three children, five grandsons and two great granddaughters, all of whom gave her many opportunities and the space at 78 to grow and develop into a teacher, writer, and researcher in her own unique way.

In fact, it was her family and life experiences that pushed her to the depths of her being to find her deepest self. Her entry into wholeness came through Yoga 41 years ago. Iyengar yoga, in particular, with its rigorous discipline as well as its deep requirement for alignment, precision, and balance, ignited an unquenchable thirst for exploring body/mind/spirit and beyond.

Through Iyengar yoga intensives in Pune, India, including workshops and studies with senior Iyengar teachers in South Africa and the U.S. over a period of 18 years, she dedicated herself to continuous training, experiencing, teaching and repertoire.

Since 1987 Astrology has and continues to take her work into the Archetypal realms on the path of self-knowledge and self-discovery, awareness, and transformational healing, with Jin Shin Jyutsu—which entered her life in 1998—awakening her to “the simple, beautiful healing art that is our inheritance.”

A certified and deeply committed practitioner, Zena’s approach to wholeness is one of deep insight, with Yoga, Astrology, and Jin Shin Jyutsu invoking a sense of self-discovery and innovative ways of developing the healing arts and sciences both within herself and those she works with.

It is this integrative approach that led her to evolve Sacred Core Yoga, with the multi-leveled layers of this rainbow cloak that we inhabit—subtle and dense, visible and invisible—revealing itself into the vision of Alignment and the Sacred Core.

In addition to her seven years of Zen training with Charlotte Joko Beck, American Zen Master and author of Everyday Zen: Love and Work and Nothing Special: Zen Living, Zena was from 1979 a neo-sannyasin of OSHO, who opened and allowed the pioneering development of all of her work. Alignment and the Sacred Core is her first book.

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