Stillness is the way
Do not keep it at bay
In silence there is nothing to say

Silence is being essence
listening in essence
through presence

Harmony then arises
manifesting words that are truly wise

Harmony arises from
corresponding opposites

Observing shadow and light
black and white
brings good insight

Holding peaks and valleys in embrace
allowing them to interface interlace

Symmetry in triangle to center
Is the doorway through
which to enter

Trinity in unity
opening to Infinity

It helps to have
a Master mentor
to open the door to the Sacred Core
Deeper and deeper stillness
dissolves illness

Uncover wholeness
It is innate in all of us
To know this is a plus

Our multipsyche
uniting in unison
disrobes division

Links head heart and gut
There is no but

Discover in stillness
Supreme intelligence

It naturally radiates

— – all to touch – –
eradicating “ouch”
No time to slouch!