The architectural majesty of
our bodies
our forms
our layered rainbow cloaks
rising in rhythmic harmony
arising from life’s living waters

A mid-line spine
held erect
enabling heavens connect

Aligned with the order of the cosmos
designed with the simplicity
of a blade of grass
a grain of sand
don’t let it pass

Grounded feet
penetrating greeting
Earths fiery epicenter

A flickering flame
igniting uniting
civilizations cradle
our pelvic girdle

The circulating orchestration
of life’s layered depths
spiraling sustaining
patterning containing order

Turn within
it is no sin

Life lived mostly at the border
narrowly shallowly
not much order
skin deep
it makes me weep

Undulating organs
blood flowing freely
cleansing purifying

Every second every microsecond
our supreme knowing
supreme intelligence
each cell enters
alive living
beckoning bold messages
whispering wordless messages

Dive deeper

Lost are the spacious caverns
lost are the vertebral spaces
cells in disarray – – –
off course diverted from source
trapped in pockets of stagnation
no sensation
hindering life hidden by strife

Do not stall
the Source calls

No more army
only harmony

Dive deeper
wake up wake up