From surface to core

A new world to explore

Never a bore never a chore

Yes! Yes! There is more!

From skin to bone

From pinnacle to root

That’s where to hone!

Body mind soul

The pelvic bowl

A cradle balanced

Brimming with life

Truly alive

From which springs

The fountain of life

An undulating core!

Yes! Yes! There is more!

What is truly turning burning

Primordial fire!

Desire! Embedded in core

Rivering with an eternal burst

A passionate thirst!

Let’s explore! No more war!

No more strife, just life

The sweet nectar, the juice, the wine

The sap is in the spine

There resides unity divine

Simply align!



How poor

To close the door

To the rainbow cloak

We could invoke

Its multi layers

Its heavenly prayers

Its roots the loot

Its center deep within

No more ignore

Simply explore

Our bodies magnificence

Its bio intelligence

Open the door

No more ignore

No more abhor

Simply explore

A spine that sings like pearls on a string

From coccyx to cranium

Our true abundance no nonsense

No imagination

Just sensation

Our true wealth health

Our true strength resilience

Our true balance resonance

No more a rigid core

The psoas the door

An undulating wave

A hidden cave

Not tight

Fluid juicy is right


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